Vision & Planning

In today’s challenging economic and ever-changing world, organizations must adapt and strive to be ahead of the curve.

Individuals and organizations need to stay focused and achieve their desired goals and objectives without losing sight of their purpose.

MLS Consulting helps individuals and organizations identify priorities and design intentional strategies to achieve those desired goals.  Having worked with professional staff, volunteers, and non-profit Boards in strategic planning, long range planning, and strategic decision-making, MLS Consulting provides consulting services that yield meaningful and lasting results.

  • Engage in dialogue on what matters.
  • Learn about the best so that you become the best.
  • Create a vision that motivates and inspires.
  • Set goals that both inspire and drive action.
  • Develop an action plan that lives in you, not on a shelf.

What Clients Have Said

Marcy engaged a very diverse group of individuals through the formation of a two county consortium focusing on a very broad topic. She created an atmosphere that encouraged participation and modeled respect. Marcy not only facilitated the development of common values and goals but developed the setting for cross-pollination across geographical and organizational boundaries.

Janet Weisberg
The Raymond John Wean Foundation


Strategy & Management

Look to the future by discovering core strengths.  Engage in data-based decision making. Diagnose pressing challenges in the context of mission.  Plan with outcomes in mind.  Be mission-based.  Consider your opportunities.

Vision & Planning

Think ahead and be prepared.  Know where you are heading and why.  Develop strategies to achieve your vision and goals.  Design a strategic plan plan for the future.  Benchmark your success with measurable and  desired results.

Project Management & Facilitation

Move projects forward.  Take an idea and make it a reality.  Translate big ideas into workable action plans.  Collaborate with others.  Design intentional strategies to maximize existing resources.  Make a project manageable.