Strategy & Management

Change is our only constant. Thinking beyond the challenges of today positions individuals and organizations to be assertive, proactive, and innovative. Having a future-focus and knowing how to implement those ideas is critical in today’s fast paced world.

MLS Consulting assists individuals and organizations design a strategy for the future that capitalizes on assets and yields results.  Beginning from a position of strength empowers individuals and organizations to create a future direction that is compelling.  Grounded in a clear mission and organizational values, an organizational vision engages stakeholders, staff, and others, to actively support and improve the organization.  Tangible results inspire further action.  Think now about how you, or your organization, might benefit from a compelling strategy that will yield measurable results.

What Clients Have Said

Marcy understood my specific requirements, and challenges in delivering a global interactive webinar on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. This involved a truly blended learning solution which she consistently delivered all areas to an extremely high standard.

Karen Wood, Learning Consultant for Executive Leadership
BT, Global Telecommunications Provider


Strategy & Management

Look to the future by discovering core strengths.  Engage in data-based decision making. Diagnose pressing challenges in the context of mission.  Plan with outcomes in mind.  Be mission-based.  Consider your opportunities.

Vision & Planning

Think ahead and be prepared.  Know where you are heading and why.  Develop strategies to achieve your vision and goals.  Design a strategic plan plan for the future.  Benchmark your success with measurable and  desired results.

Project Management & Facilitation

Move projects forward.  Take an idea and make it a reality.  Translate big ideas into workable action plans.  Collaborate with others.  Design intentional strategies to maximize existing resources.  Make a project manageable.