Leadership Training

Leadership training from MLS Consulting is outcomes-oriented, highly interactive, custom-designed, and experiential in nature.

What does leadership training look like to you?

If you imagine a “talking head” speaking to you for 30 minutes or longer without interruption or interaction, then consider this:

  • MLS Consulting custom-designs all training experiences for clients incorporating content rich subject matter that engages participants in a “hands-on” fashion
  • MLS Consulting develops training curriculum in consultation with the client directly, specific to the client’s desired goals for the training
  • MLS Consulting facilitates learning experiences that engage participants actively in the learning

When you participate in a session designed and facilitated by MLS Consulting, you learn new information, have opportunities to discuss the content with other participants, participate in interactive activities, reflect on the meaning of the content for you personally/professionally, and can ask questions throughout the training.  Typical formats include:

  • one-hour workshops/seminars
  • two to three hour workshops/seminars
  • half-day engagements
  • full-day engagements
  • one-hour webinars

Potential topics:

  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership styles
  • succession planning
  • effective communication
  • conflict management
  • talent development
  • What Clients Have Said

    Marcy was the quintessential facilitator; she ensured that all voices were heard, that the process maintained its integrity – and that we kept to our timetable! There is no doubt that the result of all those months of meeting, writing and re-writing would not have been as successful were it not for Marcy’s skillful guidance. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

    Jerry D. Isaak-Shapiro, Head of School
    The Agnon School



    MLS Consulting works with individuals, groups, and organizations to help them leverage their resources and maximize their impact to make a positive difference.

    Leadership Training

    MLS Consulting designs and facilitates right-sized training workshops,  seminars, retreats and conferences.

    Curriculum Development

    MLS Consulting partners with you to develop and design dynamic learning experiences for you to deliver to others

    Education & Development

    MLS Consulting teaches students, staff, and other professionals about leadership theory and related issues.


    MLS Consulting provides one-on-one personalized services to assist clients in their leadership and professional development.

    Emotional Intelligence

    MLS Consulting offers deep expertise in emotional intelligence and strategies for incorporating emotional intelligence into existing platforms.