Education & Development

Leadership is all around us. How do we better understand what we see? How can we be more effective?

Many challenges confront leaders today. In fact, if you’re interested in developing your leadership, you may immediately jump to what you need “to do”. In fact, a better place to begin is with what you know, what you can see, and what you understand. This is where leadership education comes in.

Add to what you know by taking a class in leadership theory.  Look into what’s offered at a local college, university, or through a professional association.

Explore what you know by beginning with yourself. Reflect on who you are. Identify your strengths and limitations. Explore where your passions lie. Identify important goals. Leadership education begins with knowing yourself better. If you need help in this area, maybe you want to consider doing additional reading or being coached.

Identify what you see by exposing yourself to new ideas and new opportunities. Participate in a workshop or professional development seminar. Ask someone to be your mentor. Get involved in a new organization or activity.  Volunteer.

Enhance what you understand by recognizing that learning about leadership is a process.  It takes time.  It also takes intentional effort, reflection, and action. Commit to yourself that you can grown in this area. Build your awareness through experiential learning, purposeful engagement, and intentional actions.

What Clients Have Said

I have participated in many retreats like today’s and this was the best run and most effective of all of them. Congratulations to you for selecting Marcy Shankman to facilitate and to her for pulling it off. Very effective, with appropriate warm fuzzies and, more important, focus on issues and action items. And we finished on schedule – a first in my experience.

Jim Branagan, Secretary and Founding Board Member
Shaker Works



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