Using a client-centered approach to identify strengths, set goals, and work towards sustained success.

MLS Consulting approaches coaching from the perspective that every person has a core set of strengths to maximize and a set of limitations that can be addressed through intentional work.  Incorporating assessments when needed, MLS Consulting will work one-on-one with professionals seeking to enhance their leadership potential and individuals searching to better understand what they want to accomplish.  Each coaching client receives undivided attention and a personalized approach in a manner that best suits that person’s existing commitments.  Over the phone or in person, MLS Consulting will coach individuals in a series of one hour sessions, length of commitment to be determined as part of the coaching relationship.

Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator administrator

Proficient in StrengthsFinder 2.0, Thomas Kilmann Mode Instrument, Managerial Style Workbook, and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Inventory

What Clients Have Said

The Center’s second strategic plan guided by Marcy was vastly different than one she helped create 5 years earlier. Our organization had grown so much and was more diverse in its service offerings which was a direct result of accomplishing much of what came out of the first plan. The staff and the board found the second round significantly more challenging with many of the goals less tangible in terms of how they could be measured. Again, Marcy guided us artfully through the process resulting in a concise but very clear plan for the next three years.

Peter A. DeMarco, Chair of the Board of Directors, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
Vice President, Director of Tax Services, Meaden & Moore



MLS Consulting works with individuals, groups, and organizations to help them leverage their resources and maximize their impact to make a positive difference.

Leadership Training

MLS Consulting designs and facilitates right-sized training workshops,  seminars, retreats and conferences.

Curriculum Development

MLS Consulting partners with you to develop and design dynamic learning experiences for you to deliver to others

Education & Development

MLS Consulting teaches students, staff, and other professionals about leadership theory and related issues.


MLS Consulting provides one-on-one personalized services to assist clients in their leadership and professional development.

Emotional Intelligence

MLS Consulting offers deep expertise in emotional intelligence and strategies for incorporating emotional intelligence into existing platforms.