Leadership Engagements

Half-day leadership retreat for board members and volunteer leaders on change, values, and generational differences for the National Council for Jewish Women in Cleveland.  Primary project elements included advance work by participants, hands-on learning activities and team building activities during the retreat in small and large groups, presentation on generational cohorts, and facilitated action planning.

Training session for faculty and staff at Dartmouth College on diversity and inclusion. Project elements included presentations on related content, experiential learning exercises, skill practice, and facilitated discussions.

Webinar for mid-level executives of BT on emotionally intelligent leadership. Project elements included designing an advanced reading assignment, interactive 1.5 hour learning session, and online quiz to test for learning comprehension.

Three day leadership development institute for 27 high school students focusing on the Holocaust, issues of race and oppression, and leadership for Facing History and Ourselves in Memphis, TN.  Project elements included co-creating modules with the Facing History and Ourselves staff for curriculum integration, presentations on leadership theory, and experiential learning on leadership and visioning.

Three-part leadership education program for coaches and players for the University of Illinois Women’s Volleyball Team. Project elements included presentation of leadership theory, designing and facilitating hands on learning experiences, team building activities for players and coaches, and facilitated discussions.

What Clients Have Said

Marcy was the quintessential facilitator; she ensured that all voices were heard, that the process maintained its integrity – and that we kept to our timetable! There is no doubt that the result of all those months of meeting, writing and re-writing would not have been as successful were it not for Marcy’s skillful guidance. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Jerry D. Isaak-Shapiro, Head of School
The Agnon School

Sample Engagements

Strategic Planning

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MLS Consulting offers individual leadership and professional coaching, incorporating assessments (e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator, StrengthsFinder, DiSC), goal setting, and action planning.